martes, septiembre 20, 2011

Siemens Gigaset IP phone with VoipStunt SIP provider

I've recently tested a Siemens Gigaset C590IP phone to check if it is possible to use this equipment with my main VoIP provider (VoipStunt).

These are the configuration steps I followed (I strongly recommend to select English for the web interface language):

  • I put the C590IP station IP address into my router's DMZ section, as I still haven't found what port configuration to use. As soon as I find the exact port configuration, I'll tell you;
  • Settings --> Telephony --> Connections --> IP1 --> Edit;
  • Enter your VoipStunt username in the fields "Authentication name", "Username" and "Display name";
  • Enter your VoipStunt password in the field "Authentication password";
  • Press "Show advanced settings" and enter this info:
  • Settings --> Telephony --> Number Assignment --> set IP1 "for outgoing calls";
  • Settings --> Telephony --> Advanced VoIP Settings --> set "Send settings" to "SIP Info";
  • Settings --> Telephony --> Connections --> IP1 --> check "Enable" box is ticked.

I noticed it worked because a balloon in my PC told me that another device was using my VoipStunt account!!

I think this guide can be used with all Siemens IP family phones listed in gigaset (A580 IP, C450 IP, C455 IP, C470 IP, C475 IP,C590 IP,C595 IP, C610 IP, C610A IP, N300 IP, N300A IP, S450 IP, S675 IP, S685 IP).

Please, comment to confirm what model you tested and if it worked.

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